7 October, 2015

All the Ways Vueling’s Mobile App Can Help You Manage Your Travel Experience

Choose the right fare, pay quickly and securely, make last-minute changes, check in for your flight, and much more, all with your smart phone.

Barcelona, 7 October 2015 – Vueling’s app for smart phones with iOS or Android platforms costs nothing to download –-you even get points for signing up– and can make a huge difference when you fly. It will help you choose the right fare, to book and pay for tickets, and to choose seats and check in luggage. You can forget the tedium of supplying personal and credit card details when paying, and can use contactless Scanning or NFC payment technology, as well as PayPal or the new Apple Pay system. All are fast, easy, and completely secure.

If you need to add a suitcase, choose a different seat, of even change your flight, Vueling’s intuitive app makes it as easy as pie. En route to the airport the app lets you check in and obtain your virtual boarding pass. Another features allows you to verify the status of your flight. The app also enables us to notify you in real time of anything you need to know. And you can even use it to reserve a car and a hotel room at your destination!

Organise Your Flight With Just A Click - Vueling


Leaders in Innovation

Since 2009 when it became the first airline to offer an intuitive app for buying air tickets, Vueling has introduced many new features and improvements. Vueling was the first airline to introduce wearable boarding passes, via Sony’s Smartwatch 2. The company also created an exclusive app for users of the Apple Watch with geolocation. The Vueling Flight Management app supplies real-time arrivals and departures data. Customers can enter their data automatically when buying tickets on the airline’s contactless payment platform, using Scanning and NFC systems, PayPay, and Apple Pay.


17 September, 2015

Vueling Now Marketing British Airways Flights on Its Website, to Complete Implementation of Code Share Agreement  

The new service strengthens the alliance between the two IAG Group companies and offers customers more options for travel to key European cities.

Vueling is Europe’s first budget airline to offer flights by other carriers via direct sales channels: website and call centre.

Barcelona, 17 September 2015. – IAG Group airlines Vueling and British Airways today fulfil the final provision of their code-sharing agreement reached in 2014 by launching direct sales of BA flights via the Barcelona-based Vueling’s website (www.Vueling.com) and call centre. Customers of both airlines can now book their flights from either one, including combined flights using both carriers on direct routes between London and major European cities.

Destinations available under the new combined system will be added gradually. As of today they will include all daily flights by the two airlines between London-Gatwick and Barcelona-El Prat, and to Rome-Fiumicino and Naples. Also in flights from Gatwick to Alicante, Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Malaga, Seville, Tenerife, Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Genoa, Pisa, Turin, Venice and Verona will also become available, with routes from BA’s London-Heathrow hub to be added later in the year. This means that the daily offer of flights between London’s two main airports and Barcelona rises from four to 15. All BA flights sold on Vueling’s sales channels will carry codes ranging from VY9800 to VY9997.

The arrangement makes Vueling the first of Europe’s low-cost airlines to sell flights by other carriers, which will strengthen its commercial structure while tightening links with BA. Vueling’s Chief Strategy Officer Fernando Estrada said “This agreement will enable us to broaden the offer of routes available on our website, thus giving a better service to our customers, while consolidating and strengthening our relationship with our IAG partner British Airways.

Sean Doyle British Airways’ Head of Alliances and Joint Business, said:  “British Airways’ relationship with Vueling continues to go from strength to strength and customers of both airlines will benefit from the choice and flexibility that these additional codeshare routes bring on routes between the UK, Spain and Italy.” 

Code Sharing

Last year Vueling and British Airways announced the agreement under which BA can now apply its flight codes to more than 170 Vueling flights on 61 routes. Of this total, 31 are international routes from Spain (18 to Italy, seven to the UK, and six to Scandinavia) and 11 are domestic Italian flights from Rome-Fiumicino and Florence. 

Vueling also shares flight codes with Iberia, another IAG unit, under an agreement allowing the Madrid-based airline to sell Vueling flights under the IB code, including domestic and international routes from Barcelona, domestic routes in Italy, and some other routes such as Paris-Lisbon and Paris-Rome.

In addition, since last year 2014 Vueling has interline agreements with Qatar Airways and American Airlines, whereby it operates as a feeder of their long-haul routes from its hub, making Barcelona a major gateway for passengers flying between Qatar or the United States and Europe.

10 September, 2015

Vueling to hire up to 200 pilots to keep up with expected growth in 2016

Vueling’s Chief Operating Officer Fernando Val: “We want to continue to provide professional opportunities to more pilots at our operational bases in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, as we have done in recent years.” 

Barcelona, 10 September 2015. – Vueling, the leading Barcelona-based airline, has announced plans to hire as many as 200 co-pilots (first officers) to meet the demands of expected growth in 2016 summer season.

Vueling’s Chief Operating Officer Fernando Val commented, “We trust that this new recruitment effort will be very welcome. We want to continue to provide professional opportunities to more pilots at our operational bases in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, as we have done in recent years.”

Candidate Requisites

For the upcoming recruitment push Vueling has established two profiles, the first covering pilots with some flying professional flying experience, and the second for pilots with more experience. The requisites are as follows:

  • Lower level: EASA license; complete or written Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL); and a minimum of 300 flying hours as computed by Vueling; certificates of competence in English and Spanish at ICAO’s level 4 or higher; valid first class medical certificate.
  • Higher level: EASA license; complete or written ATPL; certificates of competence in English and Spanish at ICAO’s level 4 or higher; valid first class medical certificate; preferably with experience flying Airbus A320, A330, or A340 models, or or a minimum of 2000 Commercial Air Transport flight hours.

Selected candidates will be given a personal interview and tested for general operational and aircraft knowledge, fluency in English, reaction time and dexterity, and flying performance in a simulator. Successful candidates will undergo a rigorous training programme to ensure that Vueling’s cockpit crews meet the airline’s high standards of safety, motivation, etc.

Applications should be sent to: http://www.vueling.com/es/somos-vueling/empleo, via Vueling’s profile on LinkedIn, or the Infojobs platform.


About Vueling

Vueling was founded in July 2004 with two Airbus A320s, four routes, and a commitment to offer excellent customer service at highly competitive fares. Ten years later Vueling is operating on 365 routes to over 160 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and 22 operating bases.


7 September, 2015

Vueling and your baby

Are you one of our mums and dads who never miss the chance to travel with their baby?

If you are, we’d like to tell you all about the details and tips to make your journey both practical and comfortable.

We define a baby (Infant) as being any child under two years of age at the time of flying. For safety reasons, newborn infants must be at least 7 days old before they can fly, although for their first flight we recommend at least 14 days old.



You can book via our website or through our Customer Services Reservation Centre.

If you’re travelling alone with 2 babies, one must be at least 18 months old at the time of flying.

One of your babies must travel on your lap with a special seat belt. For the second baby to have a seat, you must add him/her to the booking as a child passenger as opposed to a baby passenger.

In-flight seats:

The seats that you must occupy are specific to adults with infants and they are indicated on the seat map on our website. For safety reasons, you cannot travel in XL seats or Excellence seats.


You’ll have to go to the check-in desk to get your boarding passes as, for security reasons, you cannot check in online when travelling with babies.

At the boarding gate, no queues! You’ll be the first on board so you can get seated more easily.


Your infant is exempt from carrying documentation on domestic flights, providing they are included in your booking. In the case of international flights, the documentation will be the same as for an adult. The Spanish “libro de familia” is not admitted as a travel document! For more information, please refer to the section on documentation

Infant seat:

If the infant is between 6 and 36 months old and you have booked a seat for him/her, he/she will be able to travel in a child car seat (Group 0 or 0+ for babies weighing up to 10 kilos), providing it is rigid and approved.

For safety reasons, booster seats cannot be used on board the plane.


The infant’s luggage will count as part of your own luggage. You can check in, free of charge, a total of 2 items (pushchair, cradle or cot). A child car seat is excluded from these two items (you must either add it as an extra item or it can form part of your 23 kg luggage that you have booked or is included with some of our fares), although you can check in a booster free of charge.


For your convenience, you can take the pushchair to the boarding gate and we will check it in for you. Upon arrival at your destination, just collect it from the conveyor belt with the rest of your baggage.

Even if your child is over 2 years old, you can check in a pushchair free of charge.

If you have a connecting flight, please note that there will be a special trolley with baby seat at your disposal to make your stop-over at BCN trouble-free. This service is provided by AENA, so you will need to go to the AENA information desk to request the service.

Nappy changes:

We have an area set aside for nappy changing in the toilet of the plane.

Baby food:

You can bring your baby’s favourite food from home, in jars no larger than 100ml. There are no restrictions if you buy the jars and liquids in the terminal.

We can heat up the baby food on board in bain-marie. Oh! Don’t forget to bring a small baby bottle, as it will be very useful during take-off and landing to alleviate pressure in the ear.

And, of course, don’t forget your baby’s favourite cuddly toy, blanket or pillow so they’ll feel more at home.

Have a Happy Vueling!

2 September, 2015

Apple Pay comes to Vueling’s customers in the UK

Offering an easy, secure & private way to pay.

 Marion Bauer, Vueling’s chief of E&M Commerce: “Apple Pay will enable users of the Vueling mobile App to use their smartphones to book all their purchases with greater speed, efficiency, and above all, security.”

 Barcelona, 2 September 2015 – Vueling, the busiest airline at its Barcelona base, offers its customers in UK access to Apple Pay, a new category of service that transforms mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay.

Security and privacy is at the core of Apple Pay. When you add a credit or debit card to Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on your device. Each transaction is authorised with a one-time unique dynamic security code, instead of using the security code from the back of your card.

Marion Bauer, Vueling’s E&M Commerce Director says, “Apple Pay will enable users of the Vueling mobile App to use their smartphones to book all their purchases with greater speed, efficiency, and above all, security. Our support of the new Apple Pay system is yet another indication that technological innovation is in Vueling’s DNA, especially when it comes to meeting our passengers’ needs instantly, easily, and decisively”.

Apple Pay is easy to set up and users will continue to receive all of the rewards and benefits offered by credit and debit cards. In Vueling, Apple Pay works with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, upon availability.

Vueling is offering Apple Pay within the Vueling App, available on the App Store. Online shopping in Vueling App is as simple as the touch of a finger with Touch ID, so there’s no need to manually fill out lengthy account forms or repeatedly type in shipping and billing information. When paying for goods and services within apps with Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

For more information on Apple Pay, visit: http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/