22 March, 2013

The weekend is coming up with good news, are you ready? Nine new routes to Barcelona!

Spring has sprung and Vueling is warming up the engines to summer and from this weekend on you can fly to Barcelona from 9 new cities:
  • London (two daily flights)
  • Gothenburg (three weekly flights)
  • Frankfurt (two daily flights)
  • Bolonia (one daily flight)
  • Catania (three weekly flights)
  • Fuerteventura (two weekly flights)
  • Banjul (two weekly flights)
  • Valladolid (four weekly flights)
  • Pamplona (one daily flights)
If you live in one of these beautiful cities, now, you are able to visit Barcelona, one of the most amazing places in Europe. Besides, you also can fly to more than 100 destinations via Barcelona, just take a connecting flight, you’ll have more options to choose from when selecting your destination. Also, you can check your suitcase right through to your final destination.
Tickets are on sale  through www.vueling.com
And it doesn´t end up here, next week there will be more!