3 July, 2016

Communique / July, 3rd 2016

Barcelona, 3 of July 2016 – David García Blancas, as Commercial Director and member of the Executive Management Committee, would like to communicate the following information:

¨The company would like to reiterate the message that it is sorry to all of the passengers who have been affected by the operational difficulties during the last few days.

Today the situation is getting relatively better and we are seeing fewer delays. For the moment we anticipate that 14 flights may be cancelled out of the almost 700 that we´ll be operating today and we´ll be providing a further update this afternoon.

All passengers who have suffered a cancellation have been re-allocated a seat in the next available flight or – including in cases of delays of more than three hours – we have offered a refund of the value of the ticket to those who no longer wish to fly.

We have opened a telephone line dedicated to customers affected by this situation (+34 931 22 08 51) and additionally customers can consult the status of their flight via our website and our App.

In this way we have also offered help to passengers waiting in line at the airport ticket office in the form of food and refreshments, and Vueling will refund the additional costs that passengers have incurred as a result of the delays and cancellations.

In a difficult situation such as this all of the employees of Vueling are working at the maximum level capable to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. We are putting in place additional shifts and contracting additional services this weekend, in particular in Customer Service. All of this with the objective of offering our passengers the service and quality that they deserve.

Best wishes,

David García Blancas