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7 September, 2015

Vueling and your baby

Are you one of our mums and dads who never miss the chance to travel with their baby?

If you are, we’d like to tell you all about the details and tips to make your journey both practical and comfortable.

We define a baby (Infant) as being any child under two years of age at the time of flying. For safety reasons, newborn infants must be at least 7 days old before they can fly, although for their first flight we recommend at least 14 days old.



You can book via our website or through our Customer Services Reservation Centre.

If you’re travelling alone with 2 babies, one must be at least 18 months old at the time of flying.

One of your babies must travel on your lap with a special seat belt. For the second baby to have a seat, you must add him/her to the booking as a child passenger as opposed to a baby passenger.

In-flight seats:

The seats that you must occupy are specific to adults with infants and they are indicated on the seat map on our website. For safety reasons, you cannot travel in XL seats or Excellence seats.


You’ll have to go to the check-in desk to get your boarding passes as, for security reasons, you cannot check in online when travelling with babies.

At the boarding gate, no queues! You’ll be the first on board so you can get seated more easily.


Your infant is exempt from carrying documentation on domestic flights, providing they are included in your booking. In the case of international flights, the documentation will be the same as for an adult. The Spanish “libro de familia” is not admitted as a travel document! For more information, please refer to the section on documentation

Infant seat:

If the infant is between 6 and 36 months old and you have booked a seat for him/her, he/she will be able to travel in a child car seat (Group 0 or 0+ for babies weighing up to 10 kilos), providing it is rigid and approved.

For safety reasons, booster seats cannot be used on board the plane.


The infant’s luggage will count as part of your own luggage. You can check in, free of charge, a total of 2 items (pushchair, cradle or cot). A child car seat is excluded from these two items (you must either add it as an extra item or it can form part of your 23 kg luggage that you have booked or is included with some of our fares), although you can check in a booster free of charge.


For your convenience, you can take the pushchair to the boarding gate and we will check it in for you. Upon arrival at your destination, just collect it from the conveyor belt with the rest of your baggage.

Even if your child is over 2 years old, you can check in a pushchair free of charge.

If you have a connecting flight, please note that there will be a special trolley with baby seat at your disposal to make your stop-over at BCN trouble-free. This service is provided by AENA, so you will need to go to the AENA information desk to request the service.

Nappy changes:

We have an area set aside for nappy changing in the toilet of the plane.

Baby food:

You can bring your baby’s favourite food from home, in jars no larger than 100ml. There are no restrictions if you buy the jars and liquids in the terminal.

We can heat up the baby food on board in bain-marie. Oh! Don’t forget to bring a small baby bottle, as it will be very useful during take-off and landing to alleviate pressure in the ear.

And, of course, don’t forget your baby’s favourite cuddly toy, blanket or pillow so they’ll feel more at home.

Have a Happy Vueling!

19 May, 2015

Change of terminal at Berlin Tegel airport

We would like to inform you that from now and onwards, flights from / to Berlin Tegel (TXL) will be operated from / to Terminal C. Whether you have to check in or collect your baggage, you have to go to Terminal C.

Here you can see where Terminal C at Berlin Tegel airport is.

Have a nice Vueling.

Terminal C (2)

26 March, 2015

Change of terminal at Hamburg airport

We would like to inform you that from March 30th 2015, flights from / to Hamburg will be operated from / to Terminal 1. Whether you have to check in or collect your baggage, you have to go to Terminal 1.

Here you can see where Terminal 1 at Hamburg airport is.

Have a nice Vueling.Hamburg

24 March, 2015

Change of terminal at Vienna airport

We would like to inform you that from March 29th to October 24th 2015, flights from / to Vienna will be operated from / to Terminal 1. Whether you have to check in or collect your baggage, you have to go to Terminal 1.

Here you can see where Terminal 1 at Vienna airport is.


19 March, 2014

Vueling and Sony launch the world’s first wearable boarding pass.

Conceived for the SmartWatch 2 intelligent watch, Vueling and Sony, ever at the forefront of innovation, have launched the first ever application that allows passengers to carry both their boarding pass and flight information on their wrist.

Barcelona, March 18, 2014 – Vueling and Sony have launched the first ever wearable boarding pass in the world. Using a 2D barcode, the application puts flight information and boarding passes as close as your wrist. This cutting edge technology, which is exclusive to Sony’s SmartWatch 2, will be available from the end of March in the Google Play Store.

This exciting launch places both companies at the forefront of mobile technology.

Sony SmartWatch 2

It also represents an important step in Vueling’s total commitment to offering a complete experience. Together with last week’s announcement that the airline will now allow passengers to use their mobile devices during all stages of the flight, including take off and landing, it consolidates Vueling’s pledge to greater passenger connectivity. Very soon, new Premium technology services will also be announced.

According to Samuel Lacarta, Vueling’s director of Information Technology, “We have achieved this goal thanks to the huge effort that this airline, and all the people that work for it, have made in developing tech solutions that improve our customer experience.”

“This agreement, in which we have incorporated a new function into the already wide range of applications for SmartWatch 2, is a another example of how Sony strives for innovation,” says Sandra López de Santiago, Marketing Director for Sony Mobile España, ”And demonstrates how ‘wearables’ are becoming an important lifestyle tool for the consumer.”

The SmartWatch 2 heightens the Android experience and offers new ones in communication, permitting interaction with smartphones through Bluetooth®. Sony, who has been pioneer for quite some time in wearable technology, has expanded its ecosystem of applications optimised for SmartWatch 2 in Google Play. It’s the perfect travelling companion, resistant to water and is operated via a touch screen, putting text messages, email, agenda functions, call register, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail as close as your wrist

SmartWatch 2 is available in a wide range of straps colours and materials such as metal or leather for 189 €. See: Vs

Once again, Vueling leads the way in technological breakthroughs in air travel.

Barely three years ago, in June 2011, Vueling launched the first application in Europe, and one of the first in the world, that not only communicated its services, but also made available an easy to use and intuitive sales platform that offered on-line check in, seat assignment and a full client record of reservations and transactions.

Since then, Vueling has considerably improved its platform, making it even easier to use and more intuitive, and incorporating new services such as a Flight Status Manager that lets the user see information such as estimated take off time and gate number in real time. It brings this information to the user in a seamless and speedy way, not only via electronic mobile devices (which are compatible with the main operating systems) but also through the mobile portal

About Vueling

Vueling was born in July 2004 with a fleet of two Airbus A320s and four routes, with the intention of offering excellent customer service at a good price. Ten years later, Vueling operates more then 250 routes to 117 cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has 90 aircraft in its fleet, 17 operational bases and has transported over 75 million passengers.

About Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile Communications is a subsidiary of the Sony Corporation. With its HQ in Tokyo, the company is a world leader in innovation in audio, video, electronic games, communications and key devices and information technology products for both the consumer and professional arkets. Through its Xperia™ smartphone portfolio, Sony Mobile Communications offers the best of Sony technology premium content and services and seamless access to a network of entertainment experiences from the world of Sony. For more information:,