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28 April, 2016

National strike in France

We inform you that a national strike in France is due for April 27th,28th and April 29th, that cause some restrictions in our operations.

On 27th of April from 19:00 and to 29th of April until 06:00, French authorities have not requested any flight restrictions, however, on 28th of April, we have been forced to change our operations.

Below you can check the list of affected flights on 28th of April:

Affected flights

Passengers who are affected by this strike and that have bookings made through Vueling , have been notified by e-mail and sms to those contacts showed on booking.

These are the options at your disposal:


  • Free change to previous or next flight available.
  • Change to any other flight without paying any fee of change, but the difference between both flights should be paid.
  • Ask refund of affected flight; reimbursements shall be made within the next 7 days.

You can change your flight or ask for refund of your booking clicking here.

Additionally you can contact our special telephone number 902 808 009 from Spain, 931220851 for any mobile phones and local calls (Barcelona), 33184884814 from France, 390694801256 from Italy, and (+34) 93 122 00 55 from rest of the world.

It’s not necessary for you to go to the airport in order to make any of this changes. You have 7 days since the date of the affected flight to manage your booking.

Passengers who are affected by this strike and that have booked through a travel agency or an online travel agency, must contact to their own costumer service to make any changes or ask refund.

Finally, those passengers who make a booking made by Iberia or British Airways in codeshare with Vueling, must ask directly to those Airlines for any changes or refund.

For this reason, we kindly ask you to check previously your flight status before going to the airport.

Please check here all the information about Passengers’ Rights.

27 April, 2016

Flights operated from/to Brussels

After the partial re-opening of Brussels airport, our operations from/to Brussels- Zaventem airport (BRU) have been partially resumed.

Until Brussels airport is not entirely functional, some of our flights will be operating from / to Lille Airport.

If your flight isn’t on the previous list of flights operating from / to Lille, we confirm you that in that case it will be operated from/to Brussels- Zaventem airport (BRU)

Clicking here you can check your booking.

Check the details of the operated flights from/to Lille:

See here more details about Lille’s airport location and services. We have organized a free bus transfer service from Lille airport to Bruxelles-Midi station + info

In case this alternative doesn’t suit your needs, we would like to make available for you the following options:

  1. Change your flight for free to fly during the next 2 months or
  2. A refund for the ticket of the affected flight.

You can make a free change or ask for refund of your booking clicking here.

Brussels airport together with the lost&found office that provides services to Vueling, have enabled a website for our customers with the purpose of locating checked bags and personal belongings that were left at the airport on March 22nd.

In order to obtain information or open a search report click here. Please, fill up all the requested information together with the identification number BRUMAR22.

Or if you rather, you can contact with our costumer service numbers activated:

Vueling costumer attention:

Customer Services helpline: +34 902 808 009 from Spain, +33 184 884 814 from France +39 0694 801 256 from Italy or +34 93 122 00 55 from any other country.

Please, before going to the airport, check your flight in advance here.

We continue to work to provide more information for flights on the days following. We hope to have it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

10 July, 2015

Fire at the Rome – Fiumicino airport

Check-in counters for all our flights from Rome-Fiumicino are located in Terminal 3, both for passengers who have to check-in and those who already have the boarding passes.

We kindly ask you to check your flight status clicking here before you go to the airport.

If your flight has not been operated, the options at your disposal are:

1- Free change to the previous or next available flight on the same route.

2- Change to another flight without paying any fee for the change, but the fare difference between both flights should be paid.

3- Ask for the refund of the affected flight.

If your flight is included within the list of affected flights of the following days, you will be able to manage your booking online clicking here.

July 14th

July 15th

July 16th

July 17th

July 18th

If your  flight date has passed, please contact to our special telephone number 902 808 009 from Spain, (+34) 93 122 00 55 from other countries or 390694801256 from Italy to change your flight.

Alternately, you can ask for the refund of the affected flight clicking here.

It’s not necessary that you go to the airport to manage these procedures.

9 July, 2015

Air traffic Controllers strike in Spain

We inform you that on July 11th, 12th, 25th and 26th, an air traffic controllers strike in Spain is expected with partial work stoppages, without affectation in our usual operations,
although some restrictions may be caused at the specified time frame.

11th July: From 10am to 13pm
12th July: From 17pm to 20pm
25th July: From 10am to 13pm
26th July: From 17pm to 20pm

Due to this situation, we kindly ask you to check your flight status clicking here before you go to the airport.

7 April, 2015

Fluglotsenstreik in Frankreich

Wir teilen mit Ihnen mit, dass für den 8 und 9. April ein Fluglotsenstreik in Frankreich vorgesehen ist, mit dem unser normaler Flugbetrieb eingeschränkt wird.

Aus diesem Grund kann Vueling einige der Flüge nicht durchführen. Hier finden Sie die Liste der stonierten Flüge.

Aufgrund dieser Situation,  bevor Sie zum Flughafen, bitte hier finden Sie den Status Ihres Fluges.

Die Passagiere der Flüge welche von dem Fluglotsenstreik betroffen sind und über gebucht haben, wurden per E-mail und SMS an die Emailadresse welche in der Buchung angegeben wurde benachrichtigt.

Die möglichen Alternativen sind:


  • Kostenloses Umbuchen auf den verfügbaren vorherigen oder nächsten Flug.
  • Umbuchung auf jeden anderen Flug, ohne Umbuchungsgebühr, aber gebunden an die Zuzahlung der evtl. anfallenden Preisdifferenz.
  • Rückerstattung der betroffenen Strecke. Wir werden die Rückerstattung in den nächsten 7 Tagen vornehmen.

 Hier können Sie die Umbuchung oder Rückstattung vorzunehmen.

Ausserdem können Sie unseren Telefonservice unter der Nummer 902.808.009 von Spanien aus bzw. 33184884814, wenn Sie von Frankreich anrufen, 390694801256, wenn Sie von Italien anrufen oder (+34) von ausserhalb Spaniens.

Es ist nich nötig zum Flughafen zu gehen um Schritte ausführen. Sie haben 7 Tage ab Datum des betroffenen Fluges, um die Umbuchung oder die Rückerstattung zu beantragen.

Wenn Sie Ihre Buchung über ein Reisebüro oder eine Online-Agentur getätigt haben, sollten Sie sich direkt mit diesen in Verbindung setzen, um die Umbuchung oder Rückerstattung vorzunehmen.

Wenn Sie eine Buchung von Iberia mit einem gemeinsamen Code mit Vueling haben, beantragen Sie bitte Ihre Umbuchung oder Rückerstattung unter

Hier können Sie die Informationen zu den Rechten von Passagieren abrufen.