28 January, 2015

Vueling Airlines appoints Ulla Siebke as the new Country Manager for Austria

Barcelona, January 26th 2015. In a move to support Vueling’s operations in Vienna, Ulla Siebke has been appointed as the Country Manager for Austria with effect from January 2015.  Siebke also holds the position of Country Manager for Germany, where Vueling operates at 11 airports and has carried over 2 million passengers.


Ulla Siebke

Siebke (50) spent seven years as Sales and Account Manager for SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Previously she has held different roles at a number of international airlines including United Airlines, Aero Lloyd, Cathay Pacific and German Wings.

„In 2015 Vueling will connect Vienna daily with its hubs in Barcelona and Rome and, via these hubs, to more than 140 destinations in South Europe, Africa and Middle East. I am pleased to communicate the announcement of Ulla Siebke as Country Manager for Austria and Germany. With her wide experience, Ulla will contribute to develop our plans in connecting Austria with the Mediterranean Area enabling the company to reinforce its presence in the country“, said Dr. Julio Rodriguez, CCO of Vueling.

Ulla Siebke, who joined Vueling in 2013, is responsible for the strategic development of Vueling within the Austrian and German markets and has become the main contact for travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, and other strategic partners.

Vueling started its operations in Austria back in 2009 with flights between Vienna and Barcelona. As for the upcoming summer season, besides the daily operations to the Catalan capital, the airline will operate the route between Vienna and Rome-Fiumicino with daily flights. Vueling has carried over 400,000 passengers in Austria since 2009.

About Vueling

Currently Vueling is the European airline with the largest number of short and medium haul destinations served from the same airport, 140 from El Prat-Barcelona.

Vueling was founded in July 2004 with four Airbus A320s operating on just four routes with a commitment to offer excellent customer service at highly competitive fares. Ten years later the airline operates on more than 322 routes to 149 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, 22 operational bases and two hubs – Barcelona El Prat and Rome Fiumicino. It has carried more than 75 million passengers.

27 January, 2015

Vueling connects the European capitals with Barcelona for the ‘Mobile World Congress’

The airline is committed to innovation in mobile technology and has just launched two new functionalities such as the possibility of bringing your flight forward and to pay with the Contactless payment system via mobile

Barcelona, 27 January 2015. –Due to the Mobile World Congress, the most important international global mobile industry event to be held between March 2nd and 5th, Vueling will connect the main European cities with Barcelona, offering a wide range of possibilities to business passengers that wish to attend the event.

Thanks to the high connectivity of business routes, congress-goers are able to benefit from all the advantages that the business clients are looking for with the airline´s  business rates, among other advantages such as total flexibility to change tickets, preferential boarding, assigned seats in the front rows, fast lane or VIP lounge at the airport.

Frequencies 1-5 March, 2015:

Route Frequencies
London (Gatwick) – Barcelona Up to 7 daily
Rome-Fiumicino – Barcelona Up to 5 daily
Paris-Orly – Barcelona Up to 10 daily
Paris-Charles de Gaulle – Barcelona Up to 5 daily
Berlin – Barcelona 1 daily
Brussels – Barcelona Up to 3 daily
Amsterdam – Barcelona Up to 4 daily
Stockholm – Barcelona 1 daily
Munich- Barcelona Up to 3 daily


Dublin – Barcelona *Special operation 1 daily on 1 and 5 March


Vueling leads all European airlines in the number of short- and medium-haul destinations served from a single airport – a total of 140 from Barcelona-El Prat.

Vueling at the Leading Edge of Technology

Visitors flying Vueling to the Mobile World Congress who have iOS or Android systems in their phones can use the airline’s mobile app in highly innovative ways. The latest function to be added to the app enables travellers paying Optima or Excellence fares to book an earlier flight and immediately obtain a new boarding pass with their phones.

Customers can also use the contactless payment system to automatically enter personal and payment data, thanks to the Scanning and NFC systems.

Last year Vueling launched the world’s first “wearable” boarding pass, which can be lodged in the Sony Smartwatch 2. It also introduced a function for checking flight status in real time via its mobile app. Vueling works ceaselessly to facilitate and smooth customers’ travel experience, and its mobile app is valued especially highly, according to surveys.

About Vueling

Vueling began operations in July, 2004 with only two Airbus A320s on four routes, and a commitment to offer excellent service for competitive fares. Ten years later the company flies about 100 aircraft on more than 322 routes to 145 cities in Europe, the Near East, and Africa, including 22 operational bases, and has so far carried more than 75 million passengers.




22 January, 2015

Vueling Adds African Destinations from Barcelona

Rabat (Morocco), Yerba (Tunisia) and Accra (Ghana) will expand Vueling’s African presence starting on 20 June.

The airline will also launch a summer service to Istanbul.

Barcelona, 22 January 2015 – For the sixth consecutive year, Vueling will launch services to several new destinations from Barcelona’s El Prat airport, and this year Africa is a new growth area. Starting on 20 June, Vueling will directly operate regular flights to Rabat in Morocco, Yerba in Tunisia, and Accra, Ghana. The new routes are expected to help meet demand especially from customers at Vueling’s European destinations in the UK and Scandinavia, who can benefit from easy connections via Barcelona to these African cities.

After launching flights to Marrakech in 2009, the airline gradually added new African services and now has 16 routes reaching 11 destinations on the continent: Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, Nador, and Fez in Morocco; Tunis and Yerba in Tunisia; Algiers and Oran in Algeria; Dakar in Senegal; Banjul in Gambia; and Accra in Ghana. At 3,960 km, the Barcelona-Ghana route will be the longest operated by the airline.

Another addition to Vueling’s network this summer is Istanbul. From June through October the airline will fly three times a week from Barcelona.

New Routes Now Open for Booking

Barcelona-Rabat (Morocco) 2 flights/week (Tues., Sat.)
Barcelona-Yerba (Tunisia) 2 flight/week (Wed., Sat.)
Barcelona-Accra (Ghana) 1 flight/week (Sat.)
Barcelona-Istanbul (Turkey) 3 flight/week (Tues., Thurs., Sat.)

Tickets for flights on these routes may now be booked on the Vueling.com website or with our app for mobile phones (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

About Vueling

Vueling was founded in July, 2004 with two Airbus A320s, four routes, and a commitment to offer excellent customer service at highly competitive fares. Ten years later Vueling is operating on 322 routes to 149 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and 22 operating bases. In its first decade it carried more than 75 million passengers.

19 January, 2015

New Service Lets Vueling Customers use App to Switch to Earlier Flight

Passengers who have paid Optima or Excellence fares pay nothing to switch earlier flights on multi-frequency routes. 

E&M Commerce Director Marion Bauer: “Our ‘Bring your flight forward’ service enables us to meet passenger needs instantly and easily”.

 Bring your flight forward













Barcelona, 19 January 2015 –. Vueling’s app for iOS and Android handsets now allows customers to find and book an available seat on an earlier flight in just a few seconds, with the “Bring your flight forward” feature.

The service is intended to meet the demands especially of business travellers whose schedules are constantly changing. There is no charge for switching to an earlier flight, though the flight must depart on the same day as the one initially booked, and the offer is confined to tickets purchased with the Optima fare (reserved seat and one suitcase included) or the Excellence fare (all business class privileges, including maximum flexibility).

The Vueling app for smartphones shows the flights with seats available on the day of travel.

Vueling E&M Commerce Director Marion Bauer says “The ‘Bring your flight forward’ service is designed to meet the rescheduling needs of smartphone users instantly and easily, and to avoid long waits at the airport.”

The service will initially be valid for changing flights to or from Alicante, Almeria, Amsterdam, Lanzarote, Barcelona, Berlin-Tegel, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Brussels, Frankfurt, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Granada, Ibiza, La Coruña, London-Heathrow, Lille, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Minorca, Malaga, Majorca, Marseille, Milan, Nice, Nantes, Oporto, Paris-Orly, Oviedo, Prague, Rome, San Sebastian, Santiago de Compostela, Santander, Seville, Stockholm, Tenerife Norte, Tenerife Sur, Tel Aviv, Venice, Vigo, Valencia, and Valladolid;. Other destinations will be added later. 

Vueling, Leading Edge Technology

In 2009 Vueling became the first airline to boast an intuitive app for booking and paying for flights by smartphone, and has since added many handy features to smooth customers’ travel experience. The app, downloaded by more than two million customers to date, is used some 1.5 million times every month.

Vueling also offers the world’s first wearable boarding pass, via Sony’s Smartwatch 2; the real-time New Flight Status Manager page showing the current state of each day’s Vueling flights; and the new contactless ticket payment system enabling customers to enter their personal and passport data automatically, saving time and trouble.

About Vueling

Vueling was founded in July, 2004 with four Airbus A320s operating on just four routes and a commitment to offer excellent customer service at highly competitive fares. Ten years later the airline operates on more than 322 routes to 146 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and 22 operational bases. It has carried a total of more than 75 million passengers.


23 December, 2014

Vueling is World’s First Airline to Use Contactless Technology in its Payment Process App


  • Users can automatically enter their data with NFC and Scanning methods supported by the Android OS. 
  • IT Chief Samuel Lacarta: “If we can streamline the process while keeping it secure, the customer experience will be much simpler”.


 Contactless App Vueling

Barcelona, 23 December 2014 –Vueling once again leads the pack in technological innovation, become the first airline in the world to implement contactless systems for paying with cell phones. On its app the pioneering Barcelona-based airline has deployed two revolutionary systems —Near Field Communication (NFC), and Scanning— to enable users to automatically enter their personal and credit card data during the purchase process. The two systems are available for telephones using the Android operating system. For security’s sake they are enabled only to fill in the data, but not to complete the purchase. A version for the Apple iOS is initially confined to storing credit card data which can be retrieved only upon detection of the user’s fingerprint when needed for a purchase.

The NFC system reads and transmits wireless data, and it needs a contactless credit card and a terminal enabled for its use. The Scanning system requires only a camera phone to photograph the credit card. The system extracts the necessary data from the photo and transmits it automatically to the app. The service is optional, and can be invoked from the “payment data” screen. There the user may choose one of these options for automatically entering the personal and credit card data needed for a purchase. At the end of the process the user must select “Pay now” to complete the payment.

This new service on Vueling’s app reflects the company’s strategy for giving customers the easiest possible experience that is compatible with security. Vueling’s IT chief Samuel Lacarta comments “We have to take advantage of the speed of technological advances to enable the customer to worry only about when and where to fly, and not waste time copying credit card numbers, for example. If we can do this without compromising security, the customer will have a much simpler experience, which is what technology is for.”

The Technological Advance

Since launching its website in 2004 and the creation of its cell phone app in 2009, Vueling has been positioned as a leader in the use of technology to smooth and enhance passengers’ travel experience. The cell phone app for iOS y Android, incorporates the airline’s three fare levels, along with a space for flight status information via the Vueling.com website, and the option to use a wearable boarding pass with Sony’s Smartwatch 2.


About Vueling

Vueling was founded in July, 2004 with two Airbus A320s serving three cities, and the goal of offering excellent customer service at competitive prices. Ten years later, Vueling flies to 146 cities in Europe, the Near East, and Africa, using a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and 22 operating bases. It has carried more than 75 million passengers.