22 April, 2014

New Customer Services business hours

Our Customer Services has new, extended business hours: from 6am (instead of 8am) to midnight and also through social networks so that we can provide our customers with even better service ahead of the busy summer schedule.

We respond to our customers in Catalan, Spanish,   English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch by phone, email, social networks (Twitter @vuelingclients y Facebook) and chat.

For a few weeks now, our Customer Services has been exclusively handled by Europ Assistance, who will be tripling the number of people dedicated to Vueling’s services, and we are sure this change will help us provide an even better quality of service for our customers.

9 April, 2014

Vueling will be the first European company to offer connectivity at 20Mbps


  • Thanks to this strategic alliance, Vueling passengers will enjoy the most advanced connectivity service and an experience similar to high-speed internet on the ground
  • Telefónica will be responsible for integrating LiveTV’s high-speed technology with Eutelsat’s AIR ACCESS service using the KA-SAT satellite

Madrid, April 8th , 2014.- Vueling and Telefónica have reached an agreement to implement a high-speed wifi service in aircrafts, so that users will have a very similar navigation experience to that enjoyed on the ground.

Thanks to this agreement, four of Vueling’s Airbus A320s will have the service available during this year, making it the first European company to offer high-speed wifi, thereby laying the foundations for what the on-board connectivity model will be like. To date, this kind of data access was not possible on short distances in Europe such as Madrid-Barcelona, for example. This opens up a world of possibilities for passengers: consulting and answering email, updating their statuses on social networks or being connected to news and events in real time, among many other possibilities.

Telefónica will be responsible for integrating LiveTV’s high-speed technology with Eutelsat’s AIR ACCESS mobile service via its KA-SAT satellite in order to provide a complete internet access solution in the air.

Ka band satellite systems are unique for being able to offer a 20Mbps user experience in-flight that is similar to ADSL in the home. This makes a real difference compared to what is currently available. Though there are other technologies in the market, a new generation of Ka band satellites, also called High Throughput Satellites (HTS), enables passengers to use their electronic devices (smartphones or tablets) during the flight as if they were on the ground.

Telefonica has selected Eutelsat as  provider of the satellite network and mobile service, while LiveTV will provide all the equipment on board the aircraft. LiveTV is also in charge of the process of obtaining the necessary certifications (STC) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the use of this technology in Vueling’s Airbus A320s.

About Vueling

Vueling was launched in July 2004 with a fleet of two Airbus A320s, four routes and the aim of offering an excellent service to customers at competitive prices. Ten years later, Vueling operates over 250 routes in 117 cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; it has a fleet of 90 aircraft, 17 operational bases and has transported over 75 million passengers. From the outset, Vueling was committed to the use of technologies for the benefit of its customers, introducing seat allocation and issue of the boarding card the moment the booking was made, both on paper and on the mobile phone. In 2011, Vueling presented the first application in Europe and one of the first in the world to incorporate not only information but also a complete flight purchase system which enabled travellers to check in, seats to be allocated and customers’ booking history to be accessed. Subsequently, it has incorporated new services such as the Flight Status Manager and, very recently, Vueling presented to the world the first boarding card which you can carry on your wrist, on your Smartwatch.

About Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by stock market capitalisation and number of customers. From that leading position in the industry, and with its mobile and landline telephony and broadband businesses as the key factors in its growth, Telefónica has focused on its strategy of becoming a leading company in the digital world. The company has a significant presence in 24 countries and a customer base of over 323 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company essentially concentrates its growth strategy.

About LiveTV

LiveTV, a fully-owned subsidiary of JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq: JBLU), is a leading provider of real-time in-flight entertainment systems and connectivity for commercial airlines. Founded in 1998 in Melbourne, Florida, LiveTV has installation and maintenance sites around the world to support commercial aircraft, with over 90,000 seats equipped with its products. Current clients include JetBlue, United, Frontier, Alitalia, Virgin Australia, WestJet and Azul. To obtain a complete list of products and partners or for more information, please visit www.livetv.net.

About Eutelsat

Established in 1977, Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL, ISIN code: FR0010221234) is one of the world’s leading and most experienced operators of communications satellites. The company provides capacity on 36 satellites to clients that include broadcasters and broadcasting associations, pay-TV operators, video, data and Internet service providers, enterprises and government agencies. Eutelsat’s satellites provide ubiquitous coverage of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, enabling video, data, broadband and government communications to be established irrespective of a user’s location. Headquartered in Paris, with offices and teleports around the globe, Eutelsat represents a workforce of 1,000 men and women from 32 countries who are experts in their fields and work with clients to deliver the highest quality of service. For more about Eutelsat please visit www.eutelsat.com

28 March, 2014

Changes affecting the Paris (Orly) – Casablanca route

Due to operational reasons, Vueling has had to modify the company’s normal operations for the route connecting Paris (Orly) with Casablanca.

For flights scheduled from 30 March to 10 and 12 April, Vueling will operate the Paris (Orly) – Casablanca route to/from Rabat airport:

  • Passengers flying from Paris (Orly): the flight from Paris (Orly) will take off at its originally scheduled time of 11:35 am (local time) and land at Rabat airport, where we will drive you to the Casablanca airport by bus.
  • Passengers flying from Casablanca: please arrive at the Casablanca airport by the originally scheduled time of 14:20 (local time), where we will take you by bus to Rabat airport, where you will continue by flight to Paris (Orly). If you prefer, you may go directly to Rabat airport. The departure of this flight is at 16:35 (local time).

If you are dissatisfied with this change in your flight itinerary, we can offer you the following alternatives:

  • Request a flight change before 12 April Request a flight change before 12 April clicking here.
  • Cancel the reservation within the next 15 days by clicking here.

For flights scheduled from 16 April to 9 June (inclusive), Vueling will operate the Paris (Orly) – Casablanca route to/from Rabat airport, excepting the days 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th of April and 20th, 22nd, 26th and 27th of May and 3rd, 4th and 8th of June where Vueling will not operate this route.

Vueling will operate the Paris (Orly) – Casablanca route to /from Rabat airport:

  • Passengers flying from Casablanca: The departure airport has been changed to Rabat. Passengers must make their own way to Rabat airport. The flight from Rabat to Paris (Orly) will be departing at 2.20pm (local time) from Rabat airport.
  • Passengers flying from Paris (Orly): the flight from Paris (Orly) will take off at its originally scheduled time of 11.35am (local time) and land at Rabat airport.

If you are dissatisfied with this change in your flight itinerary, we can offer you the following alternatives:

  • Request a change of flight for one departing anytime up to 9 June clicking here.
  • Cancel the reservation within the next 15 days by clicking here.

Vueling will not operate the Paris (Orly) – Casablanca route the following days:

  • 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th of April.
  • 20th, 22nd, 26th and 27th of May.
  • 3rd, 4th and 8th of June.
  • 10th of June onwards.

We can offer the following alternatives:

  • Request a ticket refund by clicking here.
  • You can also check other alternatives clicking here.

The passengers of affected flights who have reserved their flights through a travel agency or online travel agency, should contact their corresponding customer service channels directly to manage a flight change or refund.

If you have booked with Iberia using Vueling codeshare, please request a change or refund at www.iberia.com.

For queries on general contract terms and conditions concerning air travel, baggage and changes: Conditions of carriage.

You can contact our Customer Service Centre by clicking here.

(Updated 19:21pm).

19 March, 2014

Vueling and Sony launch the world’s first wearable boarding pass.

Conceived for the SmartWatch 2 intelligent watch, Vueling and Sony, ever at the forefront of innovation, have launched the first ever application that allows passengers to carry both their boarding pass and flight information on their wrist.

Barcelona, March 18, 2014 – Vueling and Sony have launched the first ever wearable boarding pass in the world. Using a 2D barcode, the application puts flight information and boarding passes as close as your wrist. This cutting edge technology, which is exclusive to Sony’s SmartWatch 2, will be available from the end of March in the Google Play Store.

This exciting launch places both companies at the forefront of mobile technology.

Sony SmartWatch 2

It also represents an important step in Vueling’s total commitment to offering a complete experience. Together with last week’s announcement that the airline will now allow passengers to use their mobile devices during all stages of the flight, including take off and landing, it consolidates Vueling’s pledge to greater passenger connectivity. Very soon, new Premium technology services will also be announced.

According to Samuel Lacarta, Vueling’s director of Information Technology, “We have achieved this goal thanks to the huge effort that this airline, and all the people that work for it, have made in developing tech solutions that improve our customer experience.”

“This agreement, in which we have incorporated a new function into the already wide range of applications for SmartWatch 2, is a another example of how Sony strives for innovation,” says Sandra López de Santiago, Marketing Director for Sony Mobile España, ”And demonstrates how ‘wearables’ are becoming an important lifestyle tool for the consumer.”

The SmartWatch 2 heightens the Android experience and offers new ones in communication, permitting interaction with smartphones through Bluetooth®. Sony, who has been pioneer for quite some time in wearable technology, has expanded its ecosystem of applications optimised for SmartWatch 2 in Google Play. It’s the perfect travelling companion, resistant to water and is operated via a touch screen, putting text messages, email, agenda functions, call register, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail as close as your wrist

SmartWatch 2 is available in a wide range of straps colours and materials such as metal or leather for 189 €. See: http://www.sonymobile.com/e Vs

Once again, Vueling leads the way in technological breakthroughs in air travel.

Barely three years ago, in June 2011, Vueling launched the first application in Europe, and one of the first in the world, that not only communicated its services, but also made available an easy to use and intuitive sales platform that offered on-line check in, seat assignment and a full client record of reservations and transactions.

Since then, Vueling has considerably improved its platform, making it even easier to use and more intuitive, and incorporating new services such as a Flight Status Manager that lets the user see information such as estimated take off time and gate number in real time. It brings this information to the user in a seamless and speedy way, not only via electronic mobile devices (which are compatible with the main operating systems) but also through the mobile portal m.vueling.com.

About Vueling

Vueling was born in July 2004 with a fleet of two Airbus A320s and four routes, with the intention of offering excellent customer service at a good price. Ten years later, Vueling operates more then 250 routes to 117 cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has 90 aircraft in its fleet, 17 operational bases and has transported over 75 million passengers.

About Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile Communications is a subsidiary of the Sony Corporation. With its HQ in Tokyo, the company is a world leader in innovation in audio, video, electronic games, communications and key devices and information technology products for both the consumer and professional arkets. Through its Xperia™ smartphone portfolio, Sony Mobile Communications offers the best of Sony technology premium content and services and seamless access to a network of entertainment experiences from the world of Sony. For more information: www.sonymobile.com, www.sonymobile.com/global-en/legal/trademarks-and-copyright

18 March, 2014

Change terminal in St. Petersburg

We inform you that from the day March 19, 2014, flights to/from St. Petersburg will be operated to / from Terminal 1 of the airport.

If you have to check your luggage or  collect your luggage, you have to go to Terminal 1.

Here we show where the Terminal 1 at the airport in St. Petersburg is located.